Hybridization of exact and metaheuristic approaches for solving container loading and vehicle routing problems
Acronyme AI-ES-AT
Finance Ministry of Education and Science (MEC)
Number MEC HA2008-0005 (Integrated Action Spain-Austria)
Period 2009-01 → 2011-03
Money 11.950€
Members cblum,mjblesa,hhernandez
Participants UPC and University of Vienna
Coordinator Dr. Christian Blum (UPC) and Dr. Verena Schmid (University of Vienna)
Description In this project we explore different possibilities for the hybridization of exact methods such as branch and bound and dynamic programming with metaheuristics such as iterated local search and ant colony optimization. The problem domain to which we intend to apply these algorithmic developments is primarily the one of container loading and vehicle routing.

ALBCOM Research Group
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